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Here to help you pair the right integrated tech stack and the right processes to take your business to the next level. Helping your employees spend more time adding value instead of menial tasks. Helping managers and business owners sleep better at night.

Our Unique Perspective

We don't bring a single point of view. We have spent over 20 years working for and with small businesses, wearing many hats and experiencing losses, successes and everything in between. So who are we?

We are Bookkeepers

Every company needs a set of books. We know the importance of accurate financials. Over 20 years of working with small businesses has given us a broad understanding of simple and complex transactions across a number of industries.

We are DBAs and Programmers

Simply put we are nerds. We have spent more than 10 years managing databases, programming and creating custom integrations. We know that having the right system will keep your company moving forward and your financial more accurate.

We know Processes

We have spent years in the trenches, learning what it takes to build a business. We bring unique and outside the box thinking to make your operations more streamlined. We break down the entire process and identify logical places to improve and upgrade the steps.


What we do

We help business owners realize the potential in their business by letting them focus more time on their business than in their business. We use our experience and knowledge to help you grow your business.

Custom Solutions

Every Business is Different. We are a different type of vendor. We don't have cookie cutter packages ready to make you fit into. We know solutions do not work the same for every business. We partner with you and learn about your business. We look at how you do business, compare with industry standards and our experiences with other business in that industry to help you develop the right steps forward for you unique business. We love a good puzzle here at CMOR Solutions, and we love to see a puzzle put together properly. Lets see what picture your business makes.


One of the more stressful aspects of having employees. We can help get your company get HR/Payroll setup, updated and compliant. Helping you make your process easy for both employees and managers. We can help you setup vacation/pto/sick time plans and tracking. Help you update or create a employee handbook and automate processes. Get employees setup on Direct Deposit and stay away from having to print physical paychecks. 

Tech Updates

Helping you grow your business is important to us. One of the ways we find helps is to update the Tech Stack and find ways to automate processes. This allows you to let your employees work on more quality tasks and less mundane tasks. There is some great technology available to automate and augment the tasks that take the most time for employees. Reducing human error as well as allowing employee to work on more challenging asignments. 


We are here for you when you need help with your books. Knowing where your business stands is vital to making the right decisions and also for a business owner, getting a good nights rest. We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your business compliant, in good standing and reporting in as close to real time as we can. We are here to help you get a clear picture of your business. 


Our Toolbox

We partner with best-in-class software to provide you the best tools to implement the processes and strategies you need to grow your business. While we have our go to programs, our experience with systems has leant us an edge when evaluating a program that is specific to needs. We know programs follow a set of rules and logic and well we speak that language. 


Certified Advisor

Great Accounting Software




HR Solutions for Small to Medium Business



Multi Module Application for Complete Custom Solutions




Payment Processor Innovating the way you get paid



Great Employee Expense Reporting



Automatically import receipts and statements

Dealer Socket

Solutions for Independent and BHPH Dealers


Certified Pro

First Class Time Tracking Software

SOS Inventory

Certified Consultant

Excellent Inventory Management



Automate Your Operations with Ease


VIP Partner

Bill pay and International Wire Alternative



Payment Solution and Merchant Services

Learn a little about Gusto

Let us help you upgrade your Payroll and HR. Stay compliant and up to date while removing the headache on manual on-boarding and payroll. 

Are you ready for a good night sleep?

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