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The Remote Workforce
Keeping your business fully functional wherever you and your staff are.
How we can help
At CMOR Solutions we are aware that businesses are going to be affected (as we are)  during this time. We are offering Free Consultations to determine if your business is a good fit for Zoho or any other cloud-based solution.​ We also have a number of Free or reduced software options to help get you up and running. Also if we move forward we are reducing our fees as low as we can so that we can help keep as many business running as possible.
We will give you an hour on us to help you determine the right fit for your company as well as a reduced rate to help get you setup. Turnaround time for getting your employees working remotely can be as little as 24 hrs depending on your needs. 
We will provide setup and guidance that best fits your business
Why we like our remote option
For CMOR Solutions it's a way of life. We travel to visit clients onsite and attend conferences, so we have to be flexible. We can roll with any situation and stay on top of our client's needs. With current events being able to work remotely has become more than a luxury - it's now a necessity.

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How to make this work
Thankfully the only equipment you really need is a computer with stable internet access and a cell phone or landline. 
The ability is achieved primarily through the use of a cloud-based techstack. We love a good techstack here and we work with a great one. 
Zoho Remotely.PNG
ZOHO Remotely
Zoho is our choice for cloud solutions. They have developed a suite of apps that when implemented together provide a great resource to work remotely.
They have also made available for FREE a suite of apps until July 1st. They did this to support the ability to work remotely and help stem the spread of Covid-19.
We love them for this and the apps they share are great for mobile productivity.
If your company already has a phone system that can distribute calls to cell phones then you are taken care of, but if not, we have options for you. Grasshopper is one of these options. We use them and can easily and quickly set you up to take and distribute calls to any cell phone or landline.
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