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  • Tifany Allen

Takeaways from Anaheim - Part 1

The Dealer Socket User Summit 2019

Love the energy and innovation at DSUS 2019!

DSUS 2019 started off with a bang and only got better! CEO Sejal Pietrzak gave a great opening address and got me excited to see and hear some of what Dealer Socket had to offer.

As this was my first Dealer Socket Summit, I was excited to experience the new enhancements and get a feel for their thoughts on the industry, present and future. I hope I can convey my excitement in this five-part series but I am pumped to see where the dealerships are headed and how they will deploy these new ideas and the tech that will support them. Not being a dealer myself (but providing dealer support), my conference takeaways might have been a little different than yours, but give it a read. It might bring a new perspective to how you saw the conference.

Here are some of the things that really struck me at DSUS 2019.


A new look is needed. Jason Dorsey gave some great insight about his group's amazing research. After listening to him, every marketing team in any industry should consider the generation they are targeting and market accordingly. Some will adjust to your target market's preferred way to shop and be courted. Why fight it? Be the dealer who can adjust and get there first - in an industry based on relationships, customer experience is king.


It's coming faster than we think. No, not Skylab or the iRobots - artificial intelligence and machine learning. It may not have trickled down to your industry yet, but all you dealers out there, consider this: How would you like a list of cars available at the upcoming auction given to you with the probability of selling in the next 60 days? How about a list of probable cars (down to the trim options) that will be sold next month. This is currently a pilot program but so far the results are amazing. This is only scratching the surface - come back later in the series and read the details.

Software is only a tool

I just gushed about artificial intelligence and now I flipped on you about software only being a tool (I'm nimble like that). Sure, I joke but AI is coming and will have some astounding uses - for now, we have software. Great software (like Dealer Socket) can do a lot of things. Sitting through the sessions and in speaking with dealers, this software is customizable and very adjustable. It has to be because one size does not fit all and you have a unique business with unique goals. The important and critical thing to remember is while software may be able to do what you tell it to, it can't make business decisions for you, like accounting. How you handle accounting is a very personal thing for business. We will dig into how to make your system work for you and how you can get the accounting you need.

Be the change in the Industry

Be a disruptor. I met El Patron (a dealer in New York) at the summit. He is tearing it up on social media and has connected and disrupted the industry by tapping into the social culture we have established. Tying back into the Generational section from earlier, someone is going to disrupt your industry and draw in those consumers you are missing because you're just following the general market. Don't wait for answers - drive the change yourself. Be bold and take chances. Go after a market you can resonate with and go after them on their terms, not yours. Be a disruptor and innovator.

Yes, I'm totally pumped, and a lot of people I spoke with are pumped. But just because you got back from the show to a huge stack of paper and fires to put out, don't get unpumped! The energy in the industry right now is huge.

Change is good even when it's hard

If you want to be an agent of change and implement some new solutions, driving efficiency and customizing your customer experiences, let us know. We would be glad to go over what you do know and what you'd like to be doing. We are cloud-based and mobile so we can come to you - we work everywhere.

Remember, come back Thursday for part two on Generational Marketing and how this should play a bigger role in your marketing strategy.

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