The Game Plan Entrepreneur
Small Business Coaching
We love business. We love the strategy. We love the game.
Experienced and Professional

Corey and the team bring almost 20 years of experience of helping businesses grow. Our experience is with small businesses and we only work with small businesses. We have spent years in the trenches and learned what it takes to grow successful businesses. We love the hustle it takes, the dedication of the owner and understand when you say you have 5 or 6 different jobs within your company. We are here to help with that.

Personalized Service

Always one on one. We invest in our clients. We want you to succeed and we do everything we can to help you do that. You are never just another client or just a line on our sales sheet. We 

consciously limit our coaching clients because we want to give 

you and your business the attention it deserves and the personalized service we would expect. Your success is our success.

We love business

Not just going over P&Ls and cutting costs to make more money. We love looking at the macro view and breaking it down to micro 

solutions that match your goals. We love talking business  ideas,

 opportunities and brainstorming at will. We will gladly spend an hour

on the phone randomly when you have an idea and need to expound on it. We are very passionate about what we do and in turn what you do.

We love the Strategy

A love for tech and always learning helps us provide you with best in class solutions and industry leading processes. We don't rest on what worked yesterday. We want to know what is going to work a year from now, 10 years from now. We are always learning and growing, trying to figure out the balance of efficiency and customer experience. How can we set your company up for a long run of success with happy customers and happy staff.

Family and Business
Not only are we passionate about business. It's the interaction with our life that we love too. Work/Life balance, what does that mean to you and how do you reflect that in your business? We get philosophical and we go deep. Ultimately our business is one of the largest parts of our life. Let's make it something we love and share with our families instead of where we go when we aren't around. 
We love the Game

The Hustle, the excitement, Gametime. Big plays and tough losses. Everything is good because even when we take a loss, its just another way that didn't work, we learn from it and move on. When we have a big win, we take moment to celebrate and see what we learn and what we can apply to other areas. Then figure out the next play and execute. Balance is what I find is very important. Personally I try to set a good pace with solid high percentage play and then shoot for the big plays, when they hit its a very exciting 

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CMOR Solutions LLC

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Bringing almost 20 years of experience of helping businesses grow. Learning what it takes and some of the biggest pitfalls in building a business. We are still learning we never stop. We are insatiable when it comes to business. Whether its technology, processes, marketing strategies we love discussing it. We will hash out ideas and find new ones in the process. We only work with small businesses. We love the hustle it takes and the dedication of the owner following a passion. The game is fun and we love it. Let us share our passion with your passion and lets see how much 2 passionate entrepreneurs can do when they work together.

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